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UML is one of the most used modeling language for software development. When Prodeos first introduced Aras Innovator to the PLMlab consortium, as it was said to be open-source, people wanted to get what they couldn't clearly get from other editors : the PLM Data-Model. The first action was to dive into Aras Innovator and to create an UML diagram as we were discovering each itemtype. As there is in the initial package almost two hundreds item types, we launched a project in order to develop a software which gets the whole Aras Innovator's data-model and translate it into an UML diagram to mike sure that the way the system works could be widely understood.



The first question when designing the translator, is to define how Aras objects and connections will be translated into UML.
  • Item Type:
The item type is the basic component translated into a Class in UML
  • Property:
The property could be of different types. Most of the types are just format. but properties with type "item" have to be managed differently as they will link the item to another one. So there will be a connection to create.
  • Relationships:
  • Relationship Type:

User manual

Aras 2 UML - User Manual - v1.3

Aras 2 UML - User Manual - older version

Technical Documentation


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tumchaaditya Jun 25, 2012 at 4:54 AM 
How can I download this utility if it is indeed available for download? I cannot find the download link.