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Microsoft Office Integration



The “Innovator – MS Office Connector” is a product developed by Prodeos ( It is a light connector made to facilitate the use of Microsoft Word document, Excel Spreadsheets and Powerpoint Presentation inside a PLM strategy supported by the Enterprise Open Source PLM solution Aras Innovator. It is not the only connector available in the community but this one is very simple, it doesn’t have much functionality, it is develop with a Keep It Simple & Smart attitude, and it keeps most document management controls in the PLM Solution, Aras Innovator.
The solution is freely available for download on the Aras Project page, and you need the Aras import package Utility tool for the server side installation. The solution is also documented on the Prodeos’ codeplex page ( where you can find the content of the server side package which makes possible to install the connector without the Aras import package Utility tool.
The support of the solution is included in the Aras Unlimited subscription when Prodeos is part of the support Team. We also propose
  • A support service dedicated to this tool for non-Aras subscribers (Open Users).
  • An On-site integration service


The “Innovator – MS Office Connector” provides the following features:
From Aras Innovator:
  • Starts a new Microsoft Office Document from the document Form with the Microsoft Application selected as the authoring tool when creating the document.
  • Lock the document and the attached files from a unlocked document Form
  • Open the attached file for viewing
  • Manages Templates related to Document sub classes
  • Starts a new Microsoft Office Document based on the Template defined for the selected document sub-class.
From Within Microsoft Application:
  • Lock (if unlocked) a document previously opened for viewing
  • Save and upload a locked document (Doesn’t generate a new generation, just saves the document in Aras for the actual locked document generation)
  • Save, upload and Unlock a document (generates a new generation)
  • Exit (currently only available on Microsoft Word)


Server Side Components

The server side import brings the following components:
  • ProdeosOCAddEditingButton
  • ProdeosOCStartNewDoc
  • ProdeosOCOpenLockedDoc
  • ProdeosOCOpenUnlocked
Item types:
  • ProdeosOCTemplates
Changes on document form:
  • on the document form itself: Onload Event --> ProdeosOCAddEditingButton
  • on authoring tool field, OnChange event --> ProdeosOCAddEditingButton
  • add button: View document with onclick event
  • add button: Modify Document with onclick event --> ProdeosOCOpenLockedDoc
  • add button: start new document with onclick event --> ProdeosOCStartNewDoc

Client Side Components

3 install to launch:
  • Word 2007/setup.exe
  • Excel 2007/setup.exe
  • Powerpoint 2007/setup.exe

Install instructions & User manual

Get the Prodeos Office Connector Documentation :

Technical Documentation


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