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How to insert a QR-Code on a user form to communicate its contact data easily to a cellphone

var user = document.item;

 var FirstName = top.aras.getItemProperty(user, "first_name");
 var LastName = top.aras.getItemProperty(user,"last_name" );
 var tel = top.aras.getItemProperty(user,"telephone");
 var email = top.aras.getItemProperty(user,"email");
 alert("there is an issue");

var G_QR_address = "";
var G_QR_size = "&chs=150x150";
var G_QR_data = "&chl=MECARD:N:"+FirstName+","+LastName+";TEL:"+tel+";EMAIL:"+email+";";
var G_http = G_QR_address + G_QR_size + G_QR_data;


Here is the link to QR-code documentation in Google Charts:

Here are the different items you can provide with a barcode:

Here is how you can create QR code for contact card (supported by Google charts):

And finally in order to save you some minutes of copy-pasting the code inside your Aras Innovator Instance, here is the export of the QR code integration:

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